Deployed in 13 countries across the world, the employees of the LISI group create much more than the products or services for which they are responsible.

Regardless of your position, you will make a personal contribution to the efforts of a team that strives to achieve operational excellence.

That is why we are particularly keen to make your induction and training successful, so that you can exploit all your potential. Our aim is to help you find your place rapidly and securely in our organization.


Nathalie, Head of Internal Audit

"After more than 14 years of experience in management control in an industrial environment, I wanted to change profession and join the internal audit department. [...]"

Alexandra, Operator manual rolling regulator

"I wanted to advance to the position of Machining Setter, and I had the opportunity to [...]"

Mehdi, Production Operator

“I am glad of the opportunity offered to me by LISI. I am very happy with my job. I am absolutely sure that I will continue my career with LISI. It all began at [...]”

Benjamin, Production Supervisor

“What’s next for me? I would like to be [...]”

Each new arrival is prepared beforehand by all: managers, co-workers and Human Resources.

A personalized induction pathway is defined. With training courses, dialog, awareness of company practices and culture, you will be given all the support to succeed at your job and start an exciting adventure within the LISI Group.