Our trades

Project, Sales and Marketing

Our trades

Project, Sales & Marketing

The project, marketing and sales teams coordinate to determine customer needs and respond to them through the development of an optimal strategy.

The main functions include the marketing manager, the project manager and the salesperson. Together, they examine and implement the solutions that can be provided to customers.

Main tasks of a Marketing Manager

  • You define the marketing strategy for your product range.
  • You draw up a marketing plan.
  • You carry out a competitive intelligence and market analysis.
  • You set up corrective actions and optimizations in order to increase the benefits of the product rang

Main tasks of a Project Manager

  • Together with sales management and customers, you define the specifications for prototypes and/or pre-series.
  • You draw up the project planning and monitor the progress of the project.
  • You draw up price quotations in collaboration with the project team and have them approved by the sales and marketing department.
  • Throughout the project, you ensure that the customer’s requirements are incorporated into the quality system and that the planned deadlines are met.

Main tasks of a Sales Representative

  • You manage a portfolio of clients.
  • You analyze and understand the needs of customers to offer them a solution adapted to their request or problem.
  • You promote the offer of services or products for which you are responsible.
  • You develop the activities of prospects and sales.


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