Training is the pillar that supports the development of the careers of our employees.

LISI has made continual career development one of the major focuses of its Human Resources policy, by addressing the following goals:

  • maintaining the highest level of skills, in markets that are marked by rapidly advancing technology and fierce competition;
  • encouraging training within the company;
  • improving the employability of our people.

LISI is committed to allowing each employee, regardless of their age and position, to benefit from training throughout their career so that they can build their career path and adapt to changing trades.

Besides, in 2018, LISI inaugurated its Learning Management System to offer e-learning courses.

167,000 hours

of training in 2021 in the group

€5 million

invested in training in 2021


Nathalie, Head of Internal Audit

"After more than 14 years of experience in management control in an industrial environment, I wanted to change profession and join the internal audit department. [...]"

Mehdi, Production Operator

“I am glad of the opportunity offered to me by LISI. I am very happy with my job. I am absolutely sure that I will continue my career with LISI. It all began at [...]”

Yann, Production Supervisor

“LISI gives us the possibility to change trades. My career path is unconventional [...]”

Florent, Business Developer

“LISI fulfilled my expectations in two areas: work-life balance and opportunity to discover a new trade. For personal reasons, I needed to [...]”

LISI Knowledge Institute

Offering a wide range of internal training courses, the LKI (LISI Knowledge Institute) is a central pillar of the international strategy for the development of the skills of the employees of the group. Every year, the Institute organizes more than 125 training sessions in different areas:

  • techniques & trades,
  • personal development,
  • people management & leadership.

Our company Institute helps spread an overall vision and a shared managerial culture. It also enables employees to exchange experience and good practices across the group, between facilities, countries, trades and divisions.

  • Areas: Techniques and Trades, Personal Development, People Management & Leadership
  • Maintaining and developing skills
  • Supporting change
  • Shared managerial culture
  • Common messages across divisions
  • International exchange
  • Sharing of experience and good practices
  • Transverse sharing across sites, countries, trades and divisions


  • Finance for non-financial employees
  • Economic and industrial intelligence
  • HSE
  • Labor law
  • Lean Manufacturing
  • Marketing
  • Supply chain
  • Project management
  • Purchasing
  • Train the trainer


  • Women leadership
  • First level of management
  • Take off
  • Boost
  • Expand

Personal Development

  • Impacting communication
  • Conflicts management
  • How to run impactful meetings
  • Protect your team from stress
  • Working in a multicultural environment