Our trades

Engineering, R&D and mass-manufacturing trades

Our trades

Engineering, R&D and mass-manufacturing

Engineering, R&D and Mass-Manufacturing are key for the LISI group. They lead to a number of innovations and the acquisition of new markets, as they allow us to offer our customers the best products and anticipate their future needs.

The choice of technologies used by the LISI group enables our technical staff to develop their skills throughout their careers, either by specializing in a field of expertise, or by widening their knowledge to encompass several fields of expertise.

The tasks of our engineering and technical staff are to:

  • develop skills and technologies that will be needed for the products of the future
  • develop expertise to enhance operational performance

Main tasks of Mass-Manufacturing Project Engineers

  • They carry out studies and prepare documents for manufacturing new products.
  • They establish the requirements applicable to production equipment, look for and find suppliers and supervise the installation of machinery in the workshops.
  • They define and optimize product manufacturing methods in order to achieve the cost, lead time, quantity and quality goals set by LISI.
  • They monitor technological advance.

Main tasks of Simulation Engineers

  • They define the modeling appropriate for the problem in hand (geometry, lattices, rules of behavior of materials, boundary conditions) and datafication.
  • They know how to analyze the results of simulation (product and/or process): choice of the right analysis criteria based on the issue addressed and customer requirements.
  • They guide product optimization through digital analysis in order to address the requirements.
  • They prepare reports in English and present progress to project teams.

Main tasks of Product Design Engineers

  • They take part in defining the requirements with the customer, carry out a functional analysis of the requirements and look for solutions.
  • They carry out simulations, dimensioning, test plans and value analyses for the planned product.
  • They validate the design, check the proper use of the product by the customer and monitor customer feedback relating to product definition.
  • They monitor technological advances.

Join us!

If you are passionate about engineering and want to take part in projects for the development of our products or processes, if you have very good interpersonal skills, the Engineering, R&D and Mass-Manufacturing trades are for you!

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