LISI is a family company that has been in business for over 200 years, and has always adapted to the times. We are committed to pursuing the work of the generations of men and women who have made LISI an international, lasting and efficient company.

We are aware of our impacts on the community and the environment. We work for the long term, and endeavor to reduce the environmental footprint of our facilities in line with our strategic development plan.

Integrity and transparency

In everything we do, we strive for honesty, conscience, openness and compliance with laws and regulations. We expect exemplary behavior from our employees and partners.

We create transparent and long-standing relationships with our customers and suppliers, and regularly report on our commitments and achievements.


We anticipate the changes and risks associated with our trades to offer the best solutions to our stakeholders. Innovation is often driven by technology and creativity. We design products and services that protect the environment, taking into consideration their entire life cycle.

People are at the heart of our development

The people of LISI are our most valuable assets. We are dedicated to promoting and developing their skills. We protect their health, safety and well-being. We apply a policy of non-discrimination and diversity in every aspect of human resource management.

Industrial excellence and pragmatism

We spare no effort to offer competitive and high-quality products and services, so as to achieve the highest standards and excellence that our stakeholders expect from us. We measure our performance continually, with an unbroken commitment to improvement. Customer satisfaction is the main guarantee of our permanence. Our commitment and involvement are individual and collective, with a positive state of mind and pride in work well done. Our action is intended to be practical and concrete.