LISI, a strong global group with a long-term vision

LISI is a global industrial group specializing in the manufacture of high value-added assembly and component solutions for the aerospace, automotive and medical industries.

A partner of the world’s leading players and wrought by its long-term family values, LISI has been innovating and investing in research and development of new products. The Group adapts its industrial tool to meet the current and future needs of its customers, especially in terms of quality, safety and performance. The Group differentiates itself on two strategic axes: innovation and operational excellence.

Through its three divisions, the LISI group operates in 13 countries, 4 continents and more than 40 production facilities. That diversity of products, industries, trades and countries allows us to make a difference. Our strength: permanence, so that the company can grow as generations pass, as it has done for over two centuries.

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Billion in sales

Three divisions to serve
aerospace, automotive and medical industries

LISI AEROSPACE manufactures fasteners, assembly and structural components for the world largest players in the aerospace sector.

LISI AUTOMOTIVE provides metallic and plastic assembly solutions and safety mechanical components for worldwide automotive manufacturers and suppliers.

LISI MEDICAL manufactures implants, ancillaries and medical instruments with high added value for bone surgery and mini-invasive surgery.