As a multi-specialist, LISI masters a wide range of technologies in order to identify the best design and select the most appropriate resources for the specific requirements of each customer.

Our research centers guarantee the expertise of LISI in the field of knowledge of materials, forming techniques applicable to metal and plastic, surface and heat treatment. They have extensive resources in the areas of functional analysis studies, design calculation, simulation, prototyping and validation testing.

The combination of the multidisciplinary expertise of the employees of LISI allows us to develop or select the most effective solution for each customer need.

Discover some of our areas of know-how:

Material processing

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    Forging and heading are manufacturing operations that consist in giving a piece of metal a particular shape. A slug of material is first sheared, and then subjected to a series of heading operations that give it its next or final shape. Heading may take the form of cold heading or hot heading. For hot heading, the metal is first heated before its sheared and shaped.

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    Cutting is the metal working process whereby a given profile is cut out of a strip of metal. For instance, it is used to make washers, clips, metal staples and nut and screw cages.



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    Plastic injection

    Plastic injection consists in filling a mold under pressure with plastic that has been heated till it starts to flow. This technique is used for making complex shapes, in small and large quantities.

Finishing operations