Our trades

Production trades

Our trades

Production trades

Production workers are tasked with carrying out product manufacturing operations, in accordance with cost, quality and lead time requirements.

Forgering boys

Some of the main trades that could be identified here are APU (Autonomous Production Unit) Manager, Supervisor and Operator.

Production is supported by other trades, such as logistics, manufacturing methods, quality and maintenance.

Main tasks of an APU Manager

  • They look after the working of the Autonomous Production Unit (APU) in terms of both operating performance and human resources
  • They represent the APU vis-à-vis customers (internal or external)
  • They guarantee Standard Compliance Verification (SCV) in the APU
  • They coordinate team meetings
  • They take part in plant steering meetings when they are concerned by them
  • They steer the progress plan of their APU

Main tasks of a Supervisor

  • They manage the day-to-day working of their team and help develop their skills
  • They are responsible for performance achievement and steer Standard Compliance Verification (SCV) within the area for which they are responsible
  • They develop the leader or leaders of the Autonomous Production Groups (APGs) within their scope through daily coaching with support from the APU Manager
  • They take part in and coordinate continual improvement activities (problem solving, projects, working groups)
  • They take part in team meetings

Main tasks of a Production Operator

  • They are responsible for production in accordance with standards
  • They carry out inspections (at the start and during production)
  • They report any deviations and record their problems and suggestions for improvement
  • They take part in team meetings
  • They take part in improvement projects and problem solving

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If you like team work and challenges in a context of high performance and continual improvement, if you have very good interpersonal skills and have a taste for all things technical, production trades are for you!


Production Supervisor

“I began as an apprentice with LISI Automotive, and was recruited immediately after that by LISI Aerospace. Two years on, I am a Production Supervisor and manage 28 individuals in two areas: forging, and rolling and heat treatment. What’s next for me? I would like to be […]”

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