Production Supervisor

As I was graduating from the Institute for Engineering and Industrial Techniques, I joined as an apprentice in Ferté-Fresnel at LISI Automotive, and was immediately hired by the LISI Aerospace division in Saint-Ouen-l’Aumône.

During my apprenticeship, I worked on industrial performance and continual improvement. That enabled me to become familiar with the LISI group and its standards. For me, it was important to carry on in the same company after my apprenticeship, and I was comforted by the knowledge, three months before the end of my apprenticeship, that I had a job!

I have been production supervisor in Saint-Ouen-l’Aumône for close to two years. At the start, moving from apprentice to supervisor was a big step, because I was given responsibilities straight away. But the transfer period went off very well. I had 11 weeks in all for full immersion with the teams. During the first six weeks, I worked in my area. I spent the next five months working in other areas to have an overall view of the whole process. That enabled me to know the teams and see the skills of each individual. Of course, it also helped me become one of them very soon.

I started off by managing 13 workers in the area of automatic forging and am now responsible for two areas, forging and rolling and heat treatment, with 28 workers.

What’s next for me? I would like to become APU Manager in three years. I don’t like skipping steps, and there is still plenty for me to do and learn. I see my career path a bit like becoming better at a sport. I rowed competitively for seven years (Junior World Champion in 2011), and I like to win: all it takes is effort and grit!