Business Developer

I started off at LISI as an Autonomous Production Unit (APU) Manager in the South West of France, after 8 years of experience in a similar activity.

For personal reasons, I needed to be close to my family near Paris.

I spoke to my manager, who was receptive to my need. My line manager and Human Resources initiated all the action required to find a solution.

That is how I changed trades, moving from APU Manager to Business Developer in 2018 on the structural parts of three facilities. It was a fantastic opportunity, in a field where I could really make a contribution.

I keep one foot in engineering, at the same time, I am discovering a new trade relating to commerce. What I like about my trade is the fact that I have an overall vision, for the longer term.

If you have proven your commitment and if a solution is possible, the company will try to fulfill your wishes. This is a win-win relationship, because I have been put in a position where I can contribute to the success of the company.

Another strong point of the LISI group is internal training. In 2016, I followed the Take Off course. It was the best course I have ever had in my career. It is very pragmatic, with situations that can be experienced every day. When you go back to work, you can apply your learning immediately. Such effective training is rare.