Production Supervisor

My career path is unconventional. I joined LISI in 2011 as an HSE Coordinator immediately after I left school. I have a Master’s degree in Quality, Safety and the Environment and a graduate degree in Biochemistry. After two years of HSE, I was spotted within the company and appointed Production Supervisor.

I started out with a small area, automatic sorting, with three employees. That enabled me to discover the basics of people management and machines, which are complex in this field, and have a significant impact on the quality supplied to customers.

Today, I supervise a complete line, with a team of 20 people working on very different processes: die-stamping and bar turning, heat treatment, braking, automatic sorting, right up to the shipment of products to customers.

I learned from my co-workers, during the time I spent with the different teams and my experience in the field!

What I like best about what I do? First of all, my team and the interaction with the men and women who are part of it. My goal is to help them in their work. Their welfare in the workplace is important. I make sure that everybody is independent and has the responsibilities for feeling valued in the workplace.

What I would stress about my own career path is that LISI offers opportunities to those who want them. My hard work and drive have brought me where I am today.

I am still developing my skills. In 2017, I was asked to follow a Jump course in partnership with the engineering school ENSAM. The training allowed me to secure a Metallurgy Qualification Certificate in Industrial Project Management and certification from the engineering school.

In my free time, I am a diving instructor and captain of a underwater hockey team. Both help me develop my interpersonal skills. While diving, you need to know how to develop confidence and give people a morale boost. That has helped me develop leadership skills.