Production Operator

After 15 years of work experience, I learned a new trade. It all began at the employment agency, where I passed simulation tests. Out of 200 applicants, four were selected, and I was one of them. I followed an employment preparation course to be sure I would be happy working in machining. My instructor made me want to succeed. I could see he was proud of his trade. And his passion was communicable!

Two of us were selected to work for LISI. For my part, I decided to go further with a one-year qualification contract, after which I secured a Metallurgy Qualification Certificate in Numerical Control Adjustment. That diploma has helped me become more independent in my work and I can now cooperate better with my team.

Since January 2019, I have an indefinite-term contract, and I work on weekends at my request. That leaves me time in the week to spend with my children.