Head of Internal Audit

“After more than 14 years of experience in management control in an industrial environment, I wanted to change profession and join the internal audit department. I am grateful that the LISI Group trusted me and hired me as Internal Audit Manager in 2017.

During my recruitment interviews, I naturally highlighted my qualities for the position. But I did not hesitate to also point out my “weaknesses”. That’s when I felt that we could create a real partnership: as an individual, the investment is important, but in return, LISI allows us to grow, to develop the skills that we lack.

I am happy that LISI believed in me and allowed me to overcome these “weaknesses” during my integration process. During my integration process, I attended various training courses, including Take Off, a management training course offered by LKI (LISI Corporate University). I was also able to strengthen my English thanks to a one-week immersion in England. I then went on to a specific mission, other than auditing, on the Torrance site in the United States for two weeks. This allowed me to gain self-confidence and to be more comfortable in my work.

LISI is a French group with human values. That’s what encouraged me to apply. I don’t regret it because everything I felt at the time I was able to verify. LISI believes in you even before you’ve proven yourself.

The diversity of activities and organizations allows for interesting careers. My next step will surely be a completely different job. It will certainly be a real challenge. But I know that I will be accompanied and that LISI will trust me!”