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The Company has been in existence in the UK since 1939 and has operated from a number of sites in and around Rugby with the final move to Butlers Leap in Rugby in 1988. It has operated under a variety of owners and became Blanc Aero Industries UK Ltd in 2000 and then renamed LISI AEROSPACE in 2002.

We currently employ approximately 325 employees across a range of occupations from Production Operative, engineers, plating and inspection through to finance and other support roles. Our product range is focuses on fasteners with our major customer being Airbus.

Manufacturer of Titanium Aerospace Fasteners

The Rugby site is a manufacturer of  Titanium  Aerospace Fasteners. We have several customers which include Airbus, Embraer, Bombardier , Wesco etc. The turnover of the  business has grown by a multiplier of 4 since 2004

Operational Excellence

The production is organized by specific product family and customer requirements. The strength of Rugby is to be flexible and able to adapt to change linked to any new demands from the customer.

This was highlighted during 2017 when we increased our sales by 25% during a global change in the  Aerospace market. We continue to use all Lean Manufacturing tools to continue to improve productivity , reduce waste and manage value added per employee. etc.

Discover the surroundings

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    The game of rugby was first invented at Rugby School.

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    Warwick Castle is a medieval castle originally built in 1068.

  • Stratford Upon Avon

    Is the birthplace of William Shakespear.